Client Testimonials

Oct 2018

This was my first trip to Three Lakes Ranch and it won’t be my last. Everythin was above expectations, hospitality was the best, hunting even better. Thanks for a wonderful experience. JB H.

Oct 2018

I have hunted from Mexico to Canada and states in between. My favorite of all places to hunt is Three Lakes Trophy Ranch. The atmosphere, deer, food, lodging is 2nd to none. If you want a trip of a lifetime, please call Jan & Sarah Alsager. You will be glad you did.

Great hunting, Tommy W. 205-792-3131

Oct 2018

We have truly enjoyed our hunt experience here at Three Lakes. You all are best of class. We were not sure of what to expect but you made us feel at home. The hospitality was exceptional. The food was phenomenal. We could not ask for a better hunting experience. This was our first time to Three Lakes but it will not be our last. I harvested my first buck and I’m elated and can’t wait to come back to get an even larger buck. Rick & Suzann were excellent. Rick was a great guide. The boys were great especially Trygg – he was so entertaining. We pray God’s blessing on your family & business. If God is willing, we will see you next year. This is an experience we will never forget. P.S The most quality deer we’ve ever seen.

Stay blessed – Ray & Barbara W. 601-443-3633

Oct 2018

This was our first trip to Three Lakes Trophy Ranch, but I hope it’s not our last. We had a great time. I got my first deer and it’s a memory I won’t forget. We felt like we were among family. Thanks for everything. Sandy & Chris D.

October 2018

I’ve hunted a bunch of other places and they were nice; this place blows them all away!!The food was top shelf, accommodations were first class and Jan & Sarah and family make you fell at home the minute you walk in the door! The property is breath taking, with big deer and great scenery. Will definitely be booking for next year. Please feel free to give my # out. Five Star ***** P.S – Was the only hunter in camp this week, so it was really ten-star service!

All the best,

Jeff T. 540-270-2235

October 2018

Awesome as usual and all was great. Feel like family. Thanks, Kelly

October 2018

As usual, an absolute fantastic trip. 13 consecutive years and I’m still surprised at the deer that show up and are not in your website pictures. I think this will be your best year ever, I saw an average of 20-40 deer every evening. Some of the bachelor groups of bucks were unbelievable. I also saw the 2 largest bucks ever. Everything was great, and god willing Kelly and I will be back for #14 next year. Please give my phone # out to anyone requesting information on this destination. Jack P.

Oct 2017

Barbara & Hugh W.

We have hunted 10 different states, Canada and the Northwest Territory. Lots of different experiences and lots of different people. At Three Lakes Whitetail Ranch the guiding for the hunt, meals and accommodations were all top shelf. We are going back again in 2018! Barb

Dec 5, 2017

Bert S.

We had an outstanding hunt and you couldn’t ask for a nicer or more gracious host. Jan and his entire family open their beautiful home up to you. You immediately feel like family. The hunting was first class, there were deer everywhere. It was a great two days. Bert


Chase L.


Three Lakes Trophy Ranch is a deer hunter’s dream come true. Jan and Sarah’s hospitality is absolutely exceptional. Their ranch is truly a place where you enter as strangers and leave as friends. Jan not only knows his property and deer, but is an excellent guide and a blast to be around. The meals are sure to have you leaving 10 lbs heavier than when you came. I will never forget getting my 1st 2 bucks at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch. Look forward to coming back year after year. A+ people and ranch Chase


Jim M

This was my second trip to Three Lakes and similar to the first I had an awesome time. The accommodations and hospitality were second to none. Jan and Sarah are great and go out of their way to ensure you have a great time. Meals were awesome and way too much but a few extra pounds before you leave never hurts. Now for the deer. The quality and number of the deer were amazing. The bucks were big and healthy and I saw some amazing looking racks. I was looking for a non-typical that scored over 200 when I arrived and was not disappointed, I saw several. I took a beautiful buck that met my expectations 100% and some. Already planning my trip for next year to score a massive typical rack. All should come and enjoy. Jim


Kyle P.

Wonderful experience as usual. Food was amazing. Jan and Sarah make you feel right at home, like part of the family here. As far as the hunting goes there’s no where I’ve ever been that has such a high quality of deer. Either way everything about Three Lakes Trophy Ranch is beyond 1st class. Can’t wait to come back. Kyle


Marissa C. Kyle

has been coming for years. He brought me this year for my first real buck and I had an absolute blast. Jan and Sarah are awesome, never have I felt so at home on vacation. Food was amazing, can’t wait for the Three Lakes Trophy Cook Book to come out. All the fun I had I don’t think the boys will be coming back without me. Can’t wait for next year. Marissa

October 17, 2017

Mike P


Another incredible trip to Three Lakes! We loved everything about our visit, from the great meals, excellent guides and comfortable accommodations. The family like hospitality makes it seem like we’re hunting with friends. The ranch has some of the best whitetail deer I’ve ever seen. The hunts are challenging but very rewarding. The overall experience is out of this world! Thanks again for such an amazing hunting trip, looking forward to next year. Mike

September 19, 2017

Jack Power


Another year full of memories. After 12 years Jan and Sarah continue to make Three Lakes Whitetails better and better. They started with an above average rating and now should be put in the classification of the top 1% of hunting preserves in the USA. Quantity and quality of deer is excellent. Food and accommodations are far beyond what someone would expect. Thanks for another great year. See you next year – “Lucky 13” Jack Power

September 19, 2017

Kelly Rupp


All was good as always. Friendship plus and not wanting to come to the close of another trip. Always feel as if I’m part of you guys extended family in the hunting world. As always thanks, Kelly Rupp

Nov 2016

Taylor Schulz


Even though I enjoy free range deer hunting, coming to Three Lakes Trophy Ranch has been a treat. It is not everyday you are able to experience the size and the amount of these bucks. Jan & Sarah are very accommodating and down to earth. Very easy to talk to and have a good time with. Taylor

Nov 11, 2016

Kassidy Dornfeld


Three Lakes Trophy Ranch is a dream come true for a life long whitetail hunter like myself. Jan and Sarah are fantastic people, with accommodations that surpassed my expectations. The guiding that Jan offers is incredible. He knows his animals and puts in a lot of time to make sure his clients are satisfied. I have NEVER seen so many beautiful bucks of all sizes in my life! We were in the deer from the word GO! They are very kind people, who love what they do, and it shows. The land is beautiful, stand sets for a bow hunter and camera man are set very well. You get up close and personal with some true giants! I can’t wait to come back and see them again. Kassidy

Oct 2016

Mike Peet


My trip to Three Lakes Trophy Ranch was “EPIC”. It far exceeded my expectations. The experience that we had as a father & son trip was the hunt of a lifetime! My sons 226.5” buck with having 26-points was world class. My 14-point scored 185” was the biggest buck I had ever seen while hunting. Shooting both of these deer 10 min apart on the same ranch is testimony to the great bucks that live here. Jan & Rick are awesome owners/guides and are very knowledgeable of how to manage world class whitetails. The lodge is very comfortable and meals are out of this world. This is definitely going to be a yearly trip. Mike

Oct 20, 2016

Kyle Peet


Top notch operation! I love it here. Makes you feel right at home, you feel like family here. The hunting experience is out of this world. Just watching and seeing the deer will make you a better hunter. Jan is there with you every step of the way to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to come back Kyle

Oct 14, 2016

Fred Sides


Thanks again, Jan, Sarah & Boys for the hospitality, great food and most of all a great hunt. This is an awesome place to hunt with great deer population and most of all friendly people. I got my deer of a lifetime. Thanks again, Fred

Oct 14, 2016

Scott Sides


The Alsager’s work very hard to ensure you have a hunt of a lifetime in a safe, family environment. They manage Three Lakes Trophy Ranch to create a free range hunting experience but with exceptional trophy deer. The accommodations are exceptional and very clean with everything you need to feel at home. Don’t try to lose weight, because the meals are outstanding and served family style around their dining room table. An experience that makes memories and makes you look forward to coming back. Scott

Oct 10, 2016

Brad Harris

Great hunt. Lots of deer. Great lodging & food. Killed a buck over 200”SCI. Will be back Brad

Oct 1, 2016


Thanks to Jan & Sarah – had a great trip and hunt. Great hunting, great deer, great food and I killed a great deer. All accommodations were really nice. They exceeded my expectations. We will be back. Thanks again, Dale

Oct 1, 2016

Bubba Dickinson


Jan, Sarah, Ryker, Trygg, Rick & Suzann – Thank you for having me once again! I have had an amazing hunt, lodging, etc. But most of all, being with you all is something I look forward to all year! The boys are growing like weeds! I enjoyed myself beyond expectations! See you NEXT YEAR! P.S – Rick & Suzann, hope to see you in March Bubba

Oct 1, 2016

Darren Miguez


This week of hunting has been an incredible experience! Three Lakes Trophy Ranch has some of the finest hunting anywhere. Accommodations are excellent! Staff and owners – are the best. If you want a great hunting experience do not hesitate to give them a call! Darren Miguez

September 25, 2016

Trey Seitz


This was the single best hunting experience I have ever been a part of. Every time we went out it was an amazing hunt. I’ve seen more big time deer in this preserve than anywhere else. The lodging and food were exceptional. Thank you Jan, Sarah & Chris for everything. Roll Tide Trey Seitz

September 25, 2016

Kyle Sanford


Amazing trip! Meals, lodging, deer, staff were excellent! I’ve never been to a place that made me feel like I was this well taken care of. Shooting skeet, socializing with everyone, making friendships, this entire experience is unforgettable. From mine to yours I just want to say Thank you for having us. Kyle Sanford

September 25, 2016

Doyle Sanford


This is the third trip I hunted with you guys up here & in Canada, always had a great time. This trip was special - on Jan 12th of this year I lost my daughter suddenly, I wanted to do something special for her two sons Sean & Trey so I brought them and Kyle (another grandson) on this trip. From hunting up here before I knew it would be special but had no idea it would be SO special. Everyone kills big deer. We truly had a hunt of a lifetime! Doyle Sanford

September 20, 2016

Jack Power


Another spectacular year (#11). My deer was a basic 10 (actually 21 points), scored 229 and weighed 260lbs. The deer are incredibly healthy and are enormous as compared to other parts of the country. The sheer quantity is a hunters dream. The property just gets better and better it is truly beautiful. The real enjoyment is sitting in numerous stands with the various views. Thank you for everything, including the first rate shooting booths, accommodations and delicious meals. See you next year for hunt #12 Jack Power

September 21, 2016

Kelly Rupp


Always a good time, always feel welcome and at home with you all. Good hunt, good deer, well organized and managed Kelly Rupp

November 7, 2015

Wayne Waguespack

My hunt at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch was a hunt of a lifetime. On each outing I saw numerous quality trophy deer and was able to bag the biggest deer I have ever killed. The accommodations were excellent, the food and the folks even better. I was told that this would be a hunt of a lifetime, and I think that they were absolutely correct. Special thanks goes out to Tommy Wilcox Outdoors, Doyle Sanford, and Jan Alsager for making this such a great hunt. Wayne Waguespack

Oct 2, 2015

Chance Cummings

It’s difficult to sum up my experience with Three Lakes Trophy Ranch with words. When my dad, brother, and I rolled up at the Lodge we were instantly met with hospitality. The Alsager’s opened their home and family and welcomed us Southern Rednecks in with open arms. From the moment we arrived I felt as if we were not looked at as clients but rather as friends. This good ole boy from Mississippi never would have imagined that you could get a good home cooked meal north of the Mason Dixon Line. But I have to admit, the Alsager’s proved me wrong. The food was awesome and the Lodge amenities were top notch. Even 1,000 miles away I felt right at home. I don’t really feel there is a need to speak on the quality of deer that Three Lakes Trophy Ranch offers. The pictures speak for themselves. But I will say the knowledge of wildlife and proper wildlife management that the Alsager’s possess would rival anyone. I’m still awestruck as to how Jan can score a buck just simply by using a low quality picture taken through binoculars. The Alsager’s were an open book and answered all of our questions about managing our own whitetail herd back home in Mississippi. I harvested a world class buck at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch and have him hanging on my living room wall. Ole “Drop Tine” serves as a reminder of the wonderful experience I received while hunting with Three Lakes Trophy Ranch. While bagging the deer of my lifetime, I made memories with my Dad and brother that I will cherish forever. But I also feel I acquired a new extended family with the Alsager’s. Chance Cummings

Nov 4, 2015

Kyle Alvis

The hunting experience was top notch, I couldn’t have asked for a better hunt. I have never seen this many big game bucks anywhere. A must place to come and hunt. Kyle Alvis

Nov 5, 2015

Donny McCaa

The best Trophy Hunting Ranch in North America.ADOPT ME Thanks, Donny McCaa (Guide with the Tommy Wilcox Outdoor Show)

Nov 8, 2015

Doyle Sanford

I just had 2 day’s to hunt this trip but you need 4 days to see everything. We had great hunts everyday we saw lots of big bucks. Last morning had 2 hours to get kill before heading back to airport. At 7:15 a massive 10 point came out, I shot the deer and was back by 8:00 to make my flight. Wow what a buck, at 66 years old killed lots of deer but this was the biggest buck I have ever killed. Thanks Jan & Sarah everything was great, good food! Uncle Doyle

Dec 3, 2015

Bruce Johnson

Jan & Sarah If my math is right, this is my 51st year of deer hunting. So, I have some pretty strong opinions about it. I had some concerns about how much like “real” hunting it would be like. I need not have worried. Your food plots & blinds are set up perfectly. Both the quality & quantity of deer were impressive but one needed to utilize some hunting know how not to mess up any opportunity. In short, hunting here was a great and fun opportunity and I would recommend it highly. Bruce Johnson

Dec 3, 2015

Jeff Layne

My flights were cancelled and I drove in from 5 hrs away. Jan met me at the house to welcome me at 3:00am, so I knew immediately that it was going to be a great week. Nice people, great family. The place is beautiful beyond words. The deer genetics are tremendous, you will be able to see and shoot 200+ deer here. The sets are outstanding and comfortable, whether you want to hunt from a tree stand or blind. His guide team are equally good. The lodge and accommodations are very nice and clean. Sarah is a wonderful cook and hostess. You won’t go hungry, I promise. A great experience. Jeff Layne

Nov 25, 2015

Ryan Leachman


This was my first time visiting Three Lakes Trophy Ranch, and I had an amazing experience. From prior to me booking all the way to the end of the trip, Jan, Sarah and family made sure I had an unforgettable trip. The property at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch is vast with a wide range of terrain. My first couple of days I spent my time in different locations in the morning and evening getting a feel for the activity in each. On my last days, I spent my time in a more specific area as we were trying to narrow in on a buck I saw late on day 1. After following and listening to Jan’s recommendations, we were able to come across that specific buck again, and I was able to take a shot. I now have a beautiful 202” SCI trophy to my name. The accommodations at Three Lake Trophy Ranch are exceptional, and the food was fantastic. I would highly recommend this outfit to anyone that is looking to have an unforgettable experience. Ryan Leachman

Nov 4, 2015

Johnny Lee

I had the best time! I was so looking forward to this trip and it was even better than I thought it would be. I had the best food ever and got a trophy deer. The property is beautiful and the company was great – I even had a good time playing the guitar and singing one night! I don’t normally do that but it was fun. Anyone who books a hunt here at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch won’t be disappointed and I still can’t believe the choice of big bucks!! WOW That’s all I’ve got to say is WOW Looking for deer in all the right places! Johnny Lee

Nov 4, 2015

Barry & Lara Alvis


We had a wonderful time. We were treated great by everyone. We saw a large number of great deer. We can’t wait until next year. Thanks to all Barry & Lara Alvis

Oct 22, 2015

Patrick Eger (Big E Outdoors)


In the business of hunting and taking clients around the world I experience many kinds of lodges & hunting facilities. The entire experience at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch is definitely one of the best. While here I watched my clients reactions as well as what I personally observed. I was impressed with every part of the hunt from the meals to the game itself. I can tell that Jan & Sarah have years of experience in this and being the owners actually shows in the way they perform. Also, the Alsager's are not just owners of a hunting ranch; they are truly hunters & outdoors people. You can feel it when you talk to them and work with them - much different than the majority of other owners of places like this. Overall, this is the best run facility I have been at in over 16 years in the business!

Oct 22, 2015

Ernest Williams (Big E Outdoor Pro-Staff)


Sarah is an excellent cook; I believe that I gained 5 pounds in the 3 days. Room accommodations is excellent Ranch itself is a hunters paradise Rooms and lodging area are extremely clean As a Member/Pro-Staff of Big E Outdoor I will recommend all my clients to hunt at Three Lakes Trophy Ranch The selection of whitetail is awesome. I saw different trophies of any hunters lifetime on every hunt Last of all Jan is an excellent guide and is extremely knowledgeable of his animals. He bends over backwards to ensure that his hunter is very pleased with his/her hunt. I rate Three Lakes Trophy Ranch a 5 start. Thanks again for the great experience at your lodge.

Oct 22, 2015

Willie Adams Jr. (Big E Outdoor Guest)


The accommodations are excellent with a home like feel. Being family operated makes you develop a friendship rather than a business deal. The guide service and time Jan spent was great and made the comfort of stalking animals a learning experience. This was the best game ranch I have ever hunted. The animals are well taken care of - you don’t see any sick animals roaming around. The food plots were amazing and blind was big enough to make a hunt enjoyable. The attention to taking care of the animals once harvested was first class. Long story short – I enjoyed the ranch and hunt. I will be back again. Thanks for everything.

September 23, 2015

Jack Power


Everything that Saskatchewan had plus more. The accommodations and meals are excellent. The animals were numerous and absolutely the highest quality. The property with its rolling hills, gullies and heavy spruce trees give off a feeling of extreme solitude. The shooting houses are large with excellent visibility. I have hunted with Jan for the past 10 years, with 6 animals harvested in the past 5 years and 5 of them in excess of 200’’ SCI. Why would I want to hunt anywhere else? Jack Power

September 22, 2015

Kelly Rupp


I’ve been hunting with Jan for 7+ years; from Saskatchewan Canada to the new generation in Wisconsin. This has always been an experience to look forwards to and with some of the best people to be around cause you always make me feel like I’m at home and not a guest. Looking forward to next year, Kelly


September, 2014

Jack Power

301-938-4799 2014

What an incredible year. Two fantastic animals! The first a 235’’ / 24’’ wide / 16 point with split brows and the second a 217’’ tall / 14 point. This is, as you say, where dreams become reality.

Nov 20, 2014

Andy Moyes


As always, I have had the best time and best hunts ever!! The accommodations and food are excellent and the quality of hunt and animals are amazing!

Oct 10, 2014

Joe Nolan


Stands & blinds were comfortable & well maintained. Quality & number of deer seen were excellent. Great & accommodating outfitter. Strives to insure you have a great experience while here. First class operation. Meals & lodging are first class, Sarah & Jan make you feel like family. Top shelf across the board.

October 16, 2013

Van Johnson


On the afternoon of the 3rd day of my hunt Jan suggested a certain stand for me to hunt. It was windy and cold (by Alabama standards) and raining. Jan texted me and asked if I wanted him to pick me up, I said no I would tough it out. Two minutes later I saw a huge deer about 70 yards away. He didn’t come in my direction. Frustrated I texted my friend (Kent) who had already killed his deer and as watching my hunt from a blind and asked him how big the deer was. He replied “I nearly fell out of my chair – he was a monster – main frame 12 point – scored around 222 – he wasn’t spooked – maybe he will come back”. I saw a few smaller deer and about 45 minutes later I saw the big deer again about 150 years and walking my way. He slowly made it to 25 yards but was facing me head on. For some reason he turned around 180 degrees away from me, I thought he was going to spook. I pulled back my bow and got my pin on him. He then turned perfectly broadside and I released my arrow. I knew I had made a good shot. My friend who was watching from the blind thought the deer had spooked but we both were elated when the deer fell after running only 30-40 yards. It was the biggest deer I had ever seen. I would have never believed that I could kill such a deer with a bow! What a wonderful place! Don’t change a thing! Jan and Sarah did everything they could to make the trip a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to come back next year.

September 2012

Greg Steen Berlin, Maryland


I have Hunted for the last 8 years in a row with Elkhorn Outfitters. I hunt 100+ days a years, locally in the States and Abroad, I have plenty of choices to hunt anywhere, but Elkhorn’s my favorite place to go each fall. This hunt’s normally my first great hunt of the year for me and my friends. We look forward all year to going on our late September Hunt with Elkhorn Outfitters. Then I also come back to Elkhorn in November each year to hunt in the snow. Jan & Sarah Alsager and sons have become more than friends over the years, their my extended family from the North. They work 110% for you and your group to have a great time. The deer are huge, “World Class” The Food is Great, “Homemade” and The Lodge is second to none Just look at the pictures they speak for themselves about the size Deer there. If Your thinking about Hunting with Elkhorn Outfitters and have any questions, give me a call Greg Steen (443) 235-2325 I’d be glad to answer them and share a memory or 2 about Hunting in Canada.

September 26, 2012

David Veal


If you’re looking for a whitetail deer hunt, this family wrote the book. I suggest you reserve a spot early because of the repeat clients who will come back year after year, including myself. Everything gets a 10 out of 10 stars. The genetics of these whitetails has me wanting to shoot everything I saw. Jan talked my son out of a 160 class 10 point to take a 181 class 14 point, 326 lbs 20 minutes later. The lodge was so clean I thought it was brand new. The food was the highlight of each day. Every meal was home cooked and delicious. 10 out of 10 stars! Thanks Jan it made an experience that my son and myself will talk about forever or at least until next season when we return.

September 2012

Jack Power 7 Year Customer


This was my 7th year and it certainly was unforgettable after having 6 years of harvesting great bucks scoring 165 to 265, this was my year to make a mistake. I missed an easy 220 inch deer, finally harvesting a 161 clean 10 point (beautiful). Your high fence allows you to control your animals but harvesting an animal of your choice is not nearly as easy as one may think. Patience, constant looking and the help of the weather all play an important part. At 67 years old I find your hunting agenda perfect for me; hunt early, relax, midday hint optional and hunt evenings. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity to hunt and bring friends up for many years to come.

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